About SlugBot

cropped-logo-round1.pngSlugBot was designed to interact with users of all ages, chatting about a variety of topics and playing several games.

SlugBot began in the 2017 inaugural Alexa Prize Competition, one of sixteen university teams chosen out of hundreds of applicants.

So, what can SlugBot do?

SlugBot can talk to you!
Try asking about current events, fashion, or whatever strikes your fancy. SlugBot loves to chat. She’ll ask you questions, offer her opinion, or help you research a topic. She can also tell you jokes.

SlugBot can tell you a story!
SlugBot is able to generate an entertaining story at your request.

SlugBot has entertaining quizzes!
Ever wanted to know into which Hogwarts house you’d be sorted? Answer questions and SlugBot can reveal new aspects of your personality.

SlugBot plays games!
SlugBot loves to play games, including Jeopardy, Fast Money, the City Name game, and Nim. She also has riddles for you.

We love receiving feedback about SlugBot. If you have an idea or comment, feel free to reach out to us!